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SRM 1598a - Inorganic Constituents in Animal Serum


Description: Inorganic Constituents in Animal Serum
Unit Price*: $1,031.00
Unit of Issue:2 vials x 5 mL
Status: Now Selling
Certificate Date: 1/10/2017
Certificate Revision Date: 10 January 2017 (Change of expiration date; editorial changes).
Expiration Date: 10/1/2024
MSDS Date: 1/4/2016
Lot: N/A
Technical Contact:Colleen Bryan Sallee Email
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Perishable: Yes (Dry Ice: 9.0 - Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods)
Hazardous Material: No
Material Hazard Class: Not Hazardous to Ship


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Table 105.1 - Clinical Laboratory Materials (gas, liquid, and solid forms)  similar materials >>
  Parameter Value
  Purity/Constituent (mass fraction in % unless otherwise noted) 12 elements
5 elements


  • inorganic constituents, serum, trace elements,