Additional Information on Fuel Blending is available using the links below.

Concept & Theory:
A Method for the Preparation of NIST Traceable Fossil Fuel Standards with Concentrations

Intermediate to SRM Values

Demonstration Videos:
Preparation of Powdered Coal and Coke SRM Blends

Preparation of Middle Distillate SRM Blends

Ir QC Test & Detailed Example:
A Statistic that Identifies Errant Standard Preparation and Instrument Nonlinearity Demonstrated with Mercury Standards Prepared by Blending NIST Fossil Fuel CRMs of Similar Matrices

Supporting Information for SRM Blending

Downloadable Spreadsheet:
Software Package To Facilitate the Preparation of Intermediate-Range Fossil Fuel Standards from Certified Reference Materials

How to Update SRMs-Biodiesel Application

Spreadsheet Cover Letter

Standard Mixing Program