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105.8 - DNA Profiling and Nucleic Acid Materials (solid forms)

SRM Description Status
2365 BK Virus DNA Quantitative Standard Now Selling
2366a Cytomegalovirus DNA (TowneΔ147 BAC) for DNA Measurements Now Selling
2372a Human DNA Quantitation Standard Now Selling
2373 Genomic DNA Standards for HER2 Measurements Now Selling
2374 DNA Sequence Library for External RNA Controls Now Selling
2391d PCR-Based DNA Profiling Standard Now Selling
2392 Mitochondrial DNA Sequencing (Human)
Now Selling
2392-I Mitochondrial DNA Sequencing (Human HL-60 DNA)
Now Selling
2393 CAG Repeat Length Mutation in Huntington's Disease Now Selling
2396 Oxidative DNA Damage Mass Spectrometry Standards Now Selling
8366 EGFR and MET Gene Copy Number Standards for Cancer Measurements
Now Selling
8375 Microbial Genomic DNA Standards for Sequencing Performance Assessment
(MG-001, MG-002, MG-003, MG-004)
Now Selling
8391 Human DNA for Whole-Genome Variant Assessment (Son of Eastern European Ashkenazi Jewish Ancestry) (HG-002) Now Selling
8391(QTY10) Human DNA for Whole-Genome Variant Assessment (Son of Eastern European Ashkenazi Jewish Ancestry) (HG-002) Now Selling
8392 Human DNA for Whole-Genome Variant Assessment (Family Trio of Eastern Europe Ashkenazi Jewish Ancestry) (HG-002, HG-003, HG-004) Now Selling
8393 Human DNA for Whole-Genome Variant Assessment (Son of Chinese Ancestry) (HG-005) Now Selling
8398 Human DNA for Whole-Genome Variant Assessment (Daughter of Utah/European Ancestry)(HG-001) Now Selling
8671 NISTmAb, Humanized IgG1κ Monoclonal Antibody Now Selling


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