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108.3 - Sulfur, Mercury, and Chlorine in Fuels (liquid and solid forms)

SRM Description Status
1616b Sulfur in Kerosene (Low Level) Now Selling
1617b Sulfur in Kerosine (High Level) Now Selling
1619b Sulfur in Residual Fuel Oil (Nominal Mass Fraction 0.7 %) Now Selling
1622e Sulfur in Residual Fuel Oil (Nominal Mass Fraction 2 %) Now Selling
1623d Sulfur in Residual Fuel Oil (Nominal Mass Fraction 0.2 %) Now Selling
1624d Sulfur in Diesel Fuel Oil (Nominal Mass Fraction 0.4 %) Out of Stock
1635a Trace Elements in Coal (Subbitumimous) Now Selling
2294 Reformulated Gasoline (Nominal Mass Fraction 11% MTBE) Now Selling
2295 Reformulated Gasoline (nominal 15% MTBE) Now Selling
2296 Reformulated Gasoline (Nominal Mass Fraction 13 % ETBE) Now Selling
2298 Sulfur in Gasoline (High Octane) Out of Stock
2299 Sulfur in Gasoline (Reformulated) Out of Stock
2682c Subbituminous Coal (Nominal Mass Fraction 0.5 % Sulfur) Now Selling
2683c Bituminous Coal (Nominal Mass Fraction 2 % Sulfur)
Now Selling
2684c Bituminous Coal (Nominal Mass Fraction 3 % Sulfur)
Now Selling
2685c Bituminous Coal (Nominal Mass Fraction 5 % Sulfur) Out of Stock
2693 Bituminous Coal (Nominal Mass Fraction 0.5 % Sulfur)
Out of Stock
2716 Sulfur in Gasoline (<1 mg/kg) Out of Stock
2717a Sulfur in Residual Fuel Oil (Nominal Mass Fraction 3%) Now Selling
2718a Green Petroleum Coke Now Selling
2719 Calcined Petroleum Coke Now Selling
2720 Sulfur in Di-n-Butyl Sulfide Now Selling
2721 Crude Oil (Light -Sour) Now Selling
2722 Crude Oil (Heavy-Sweet) Now Selling
2723b Sulfur in Diesel Fuel Oil (Nominal Mass Fraction 10 mg/kg) Out of Stock
2770 Sulfur in Diesel Fuel Oil (Nominal Mass Fraction 40 mg/kg) Out of Stock
2771 Sulfur in Diesel Fuel Blend Stock Out of Stock
2775 Sulfur in Foundry Coke Now Selling
2776 Sulfur in Furnace Coke Now Selling
2778 Mercury in Crude Oil Now Selling


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