105.8 - DNA Profiling and Nucleic Acid Materials, and Monocolonal Antibody

Standard Reference Material (SRM) 2372a is intended primarily for use in the value assignment of human genomic deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) forensic quantitation materials. SRM 2372a consists of three well-characterized human genomic DNA materials in pH 8.0 aqueous buffer. The components are derived from human buffy coat samples and labeled A, B, and C. Component A consists of genomic DNA from a single male donor. Component B consists of genomic DNA from a single female donor. Component C consists of a gravimetric mixture of genomic DNA (1 part male donor to 3 parts female donor). SRM 2372a is certified for copy number and DNA concentration (ng/µL).  A unit of the SRM consists of one sterile 0.5 mL vial of each component, each vial containing approximately 55 μL of DNA solution. Each of these vials is labeled and is sealed with a color -coded screw cap.

SRM 2374 is intended for use as a template for ribonucleic acid (RNA) control synthesis using in vitro transcription (IVT).  These RNA controls are designed to be used as external, or “spike-in”, controls to support confidence in gene expression assays by providing quantitative assessment of the technical performance of a gene expression measurement.  A unit of the SRM contains 96 different 0.5 mL polypropylene tubes, with approximately 10 µg of dehydrated plasmid deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) in each tube. Depending on the strand transcribed, the controls will mimic either “sense” or “anti-sense” eukaryotic messenger RNA (mRNA).  

SRM 2392 is intended to provide quality control when performing the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and sequencing of human mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) for forensic identifications, medical diagnosis, or mutation detection. It may also be used as a control when amplifying (PCR) and sequencing any DNA.  SRM 2392 Mitochondrial DNA Sequencing contains DNA extracted from two cell lines plus cloned DNA from a region that is difficult to sequence. The certificate accompanying the SRM details the base pair sequences of the DNA, and the sequences of 58 unique primer sets which permit the amplification and sequencing of any specific area or the entire human mitochondrial DNA (strand).  SRM 2392 consists of three frozen components packaged in one box.  For further information see: SP260-155

RMs 8366, 8375, 8391, 8392, 8393, and 8398 are intended for assessing performance of human genome sequencing, including whole genome sequencing, whole exome sequencing, and more targeted sequencing such as gene panels. Specifically, the material can be used to obtain estimates of true positives, false positives, true negatives, and false negatives for variant calls.

RM 8671 is intended primarily for use in evaluating the performance of methods for determining physicochemical and biophysical attributes of monoclonal antibodies.  It also provides a representative test molecule for development of novel technology for therapeutic protein characterization.

PLEASE NOTE: The tables are presented to facilitate comparisons among a family of materials to help customers select the best SRM for their needs. For specific values and uncertainties, the certificate is the only official source.

SRM Status Description Unit of Issue
Now Selling BK Virus DNA Quantitative Standard 1 vial x 110 µL
Now Selling Cytomegalovirus DNA (Towne<sub>Δ147</sub> BAC) for DNA Measurements 1 vial x 150 µL
Now Selling Human DNA Quantitation Standard 3 vials x 55 µL
Now Selling Genomic DNA Standards for <em>HER2 </em>Measurements 5 vials, 1 each level
Now Selling DNA Sequence Library for External RNA Controls 96 tubes
Now Selling PCR-Based DNA Profiling Standard 5 vials
Now Selling Mitochondrial DNA Sequencing (Human)<br /> set (3)
Now Selling CAG Repeat Length Mutation in Huntington's Disease set (6)
Out of Stock Oxidative DNA Damage Mass Spectrometry Standards set (10)
Now Selling <em>EGFR</em> and <em>MET </em>Gene Copy Number Standards for Cancer Measurements<br /> 6 vials, 100 µL each
Now Selling Microbial Genomic DNA Standards for Sequencing Performance Assessment<br />(MG-001, MG-002, MG-003, MG-004)<br /> 4 vials, 1 each
Now Selling Microbial Pathogen DNA Standards for Detection and Identification 20 tubes
Now Selling Human DNA for Whole-Genome Variant Assessment (Son of Eastern European Ashkenazi Jewish Ancestry) (HG-002) 1 vial
Now Selling Human DNA for Whole-Genome Variant Assessment (Son of Eastern European Ashkenazi Jewish Ancestry) (HG-002) 10 vials of RM 8391
Now Selling Human DNA for Whole-Genome Variant Assessment (Family Trio of Eastern European Ashkenazi Jewish Ancestry) (HG-002, HG-003, HG-004) 3 vials, 1 each
Now Selling Human DNA for Whole-Genome Variant Assessment (Son of Chinese Ancestry) (HG-005) 1 vial
Now Selling Human DNA for Whole-Genome Variant Assessment (Son of Chinese Ancestry) (HG-005) 10 vials of RM 8393
Now Selling Human DNA for Whole-Genome Variant Assessment (Daughter of Utah/European Ancestry)(HG-001) 1 vial
Now Selling Human DNA for Whole-Genome Variant Assessment (Daughter of Utah/European Ancestry) (HG-001) 10 vials of RM 8398
Now Selling NISTmAb, Humanized IgG1κ Monoclonal Antibody 1 vial x 800 uL

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- Reference values are italicized
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