105.13 - Lead in Paint, Dust, and Soil (powder and sheet forms)

These SRMs and RM have been developed in conjunction with the U.S. EPA to monitor paint, soil, and dust sources of lead. SRMs 2570 through 2576 consist of one MylarTM sheet per unit. Each sheet, 7.6 cm ´ 10.2 cm, is coated with a single uniform paint layer for use with portable x-ray fluorescence analyzers. SRMs 2580, 2581, 2582, and 2589 consist of paint that has been ground and homogenized into a powder, 99+% of which passes a 100 µm sieve. SRM 2583 and SRM 2584 consist of dust, 99+% of which passes a 100 µm sieve, that was collected in vacuum cleaner bags during cleaning of dwelling interiors. SRM 2583 and SRM 2584 are certified for arsenic, chromium, cadmium, lead, and mercury. [Also see Category 106.] SRMs 2584, 2586, and 2587 are dust or soil matrices containing lead from paint.

For organic contaminants in indoor dust see SRM 2585. See Table 109.1 

PLEASE NOTE: The tables are presented to facilitate comparisons among a family of materials to help customers select the best SRM for their needs. For specific values and uncertainties, the certificate is the only official source.


SRM Status Description Unit Size Lead Concentration and Other Elements
Now Selling Urban Particulate Matter 2 g 0.655 % Pb, 25 elements certified, 8 reference values
Now Selling Lead Paint Films for Children's Products 8 sheets 3 levels Pb (mg/kg):<0.2, 85.0, 314.4
3 reference values for density of paint
Now Selling Lead Paint Film for Building Surfaces (Blank) (Color:&nbsp; White)&lt;br /&gt; 1 film <0.001 mg/cm2 Pb
Now Selling Lead Paint Film for Building Surfaces (Nominal PB 3.5 mg/cm&lt;sup&gt;2&lt;/sup&gt; (Color:&nbsp; Yellow) &lt;br /&gt; 1 +blank 3.58 mg/cm2 Pb
Now Selling Lead Paint Film for Building Surfaces (Nominal Pb 1.6 mg/cm&lt;sup&gt;2&lt;/sup&gt;) (Color:&nbsp; Orange) 1 +blank 1.527 mg/cm2 Pb
Now Selling Lead Paint Film for Building Surfaces (Nominal Pb 1.0 mg/cm&lt;sup&gt;2&lt;/sup&gt;) (Color:&nbsp; Red)&lt;br /&gt; 1 +blank 1.040 mg/cm2 Pb
Now Selling Lead Paint Film for Building Surfaces (Nominal Pb 0.7 mg/cm&lt;sup&gt;2&lt;/sup&gt;) (Color:&nbsp; Gold) &lt;br /&gt; 1 +blank 0.714 mg/cm2 Pb
Now Selling Lead Paint Film for Building Surfaces (Nominal Pb 0.3 mg/cm&lt;sup&gt;2&lt;/sup&gt;) (Color:&nbsp; Green)&lt;br /&gt; 1 +blank 0.307 mg/cm2 Pb
Now Selling Lead Paint Film for Building Surfaces (Nominal Pb 5.6 mg/cm&lt;sup&gt;2&lt;/sup&gt;) (Color:&nbsp; Blue)&lt;br /&gt; 1 +blank 5.59 mg/cm2 Pb
Now Selling Lead Paint Films For Building Surfaces (SRM 2570 through SRM 2575)&lt;br /&gt; set (6) 0.307 mg/cm2 to 03.58 mg/cm2
5 levels plus blank
Now Selling Powdered Paint (Nominal Mass Fraction of 4 % Lead) 30 g 4.34 % Pb
Now Selling Powdered Paint (Nominal Mass Fraction of 0.5 % Lead) 35 g 0.449 % Pb
Now Selling Powdered Paint (Nominal 200 mg/kg Lead) 20 g 208.8 mg/kg Pb
Now Selling Trace Elements in Indoor Dust (Nominal Mass Fraction of 90 mg/kg Lead)&lt;br /&gt; 8 g 85.9 mg/kg Pb, 5 elements certified
Now Selling Trace Elements in Indoor Dust (Nominal Mass Fraction of 1 % Lead)&lt;br /&gt; 8 g 9761 mg/kg Pb, 5 elements certified, 10 reference values
Now Selling Trace Elements in Soil Containing Lead From Paint (Nominal Mass Fraction of 500 mg/kg Lead) 55 g 432 mg/kg Pb, 4 elements certified, 25 reference values
Now Selling Trace Elements in Soil Containing Lead from Paint  (Nominal Mass Fraction of 3000 mg/kg Lead) 55 g 3242 mg/kg Pb, 4 elements certified, 14 reference values
Now Selling Powdered Paint (Nominal Mass Fraction of 10 % Lead) 35 g 9.99 % Pb
Out of Stock Air Particulate on Filter Media 2 +2 Blnk (47 mm dia) 317 ng/filter Pb,
18 elements certified
9 reference values

- Certified values are normal font
- Reference values are italicized
- Values in parentheses are for information only