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203.15 - Thermal Conductivity of Iron (rod form), Fibrous Glass, and Polystyrene

For further information for SRM 1453 see: SP260-175
Also see: Table 203.17

PLEASE NOTE: The tables are presented to facilitate comparisons among a family of materials to help customers select the best SRM for their needs. For specific values and uncertainties, the certificate is the only official source.

- Certified values are normal font
- Reference values are italicized
- Values in parentheses are for information only

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  SRM Description Unit Size     Conductivity at 293 K (W • m -1 • K -1)
Temperature Range (K)
Detail Certificate MSDS Data Files 1450e
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Thermal Conductivity - Fibrous Glass Board each   0.032 280 to 360
Detail Certificate MSDS 1453
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Thermal Conductivity - Expanded Polystyrene Board each   0.033 281 to 313
Detail Report of Investigation MSDS 8420
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Electrolytic Iron
0.64 D x 5.0   77.9 2 to 1000