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205.5 - Radiopharmaceuticals (solution and gaseous forms)

These SRMs are intended for the calibration of radioactivity-measuring instruments. They are calibrated in terms of activity per gram of solution (except SRM 4415, which is calibrated in terms of activity). Each SRM is contained in a 5 mL flame-sealed glass ampoule and, except for SRM 4415, consists of the radionuclide dissolved in an aqueous solution (usually acidic).These SRMs are produced in collaboration with the NRMAP, Inc. and, because of the short half lives, are available only at specific times.

When an import permit for radioactive material is required of a customer outside the U.S., NIST must have a copy to complete an order and facilitate shipment.

"Radionuclide Calibration Services"

"Radioactive SRM Purchasing Instructions & License Certification Form"

"Radioactive SRMs-General Info"

PLEASE NOTE: The tables are presented to facilitate comparisons among a family of materials to help customers select the best SRM for their needs. For specific values and uncertainties, the certificate is the only official source.

- Certified values are normal font
- Reference values are italicized
- Values in parentheses are for information only

Detail - Detail    Certificate - Certificate    Report of Investigation - Report of Investigation    MSDS - MSDS    Data Files - Data Files    Questionaire - Questionnaire

  SRM Description Unit of Issue     Half Life (days)
Month Produced **
NRC License or
Equivalent Required*
Detail 4401L
Out of Stock
Iodine-131 Radioactivity Standard
5 mL   8.0 February X
Detail 4404L
Out of Stock
Thallium-201 Radioactivity Standard
5 mL   3.0 June X
Detail MSDS 4407L
Out of Stock
Iodine-125 Radioactivity Standard
5 mL   59.4 December X
Detail 4410H
Out of Stock
Technetium-99m Radioactivity Standard
5 mL   0.3 September
Detail 4412L
Out of Stock
Molybdenum-99 Radioactivity Standard
5 mL   2.74 April X
Detail Certificate MSDS 4415L
Out of Stock
Xenon-133 Radioactivity Standard
5 mL   5.243 Sept X
Detail 4416L
Out of Stock
Gallium-67 Radioactivity Standard
5 mL   3.3 May
Detail MSDS 4417L
Out of Stock
Indium-111 Radioactivity Standard
5 mL   2.8 August X
Detail MSDS 4427L
Out of Stock
Yttrium-90 Radioactivity Standard
5 mL   64.0 hrs October X

*If no "X" then license is not required unless the institution possesses a specific license that covers the listed radionuclide.

**The dates listed here are estimates.  Please contact the SRM Sales Office to confirm availability and order date deadline for these SRMs.