202.1 - Polymers (liquid, pellet, and powder forms)

These SRMs are for the calibration of instrumentation used in polymer technology science for the determination of molecular weight and molecular weight distribution and as characterized samples for other physical properties of polymers.

For further information see SP 260-42, SP 260-61, SP 260-144 , and SP 260-147

202.1(2) - Melt Flow Rate

PLEASE NOTE: The tables are presented to facilitate comparisons among a family of materials to help customers select the best SRM for their needs. For specific values and uncertainties, the certificate is the only official source.

- Certified values are normal font
- Reference values are italicized
- Values in parentheses are for information only

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  SRM Description Unit Size    
Detail Certificate MSDS 1473b
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Low Density Polyethylene Resin 60 g  
Detail Certificate MSDS 1474a
Out of Stock
Polyethylene Resin 60 g  
Detail Certificate MSDS 1496
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Unpigmented Polyethylene Gas Pipe Resin
0.9 kg