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109.3 - EPA: Organic Compounds

SRM 3074 is intended primarily for the calibration of instrumentation and validation of methods for volatile or semi-volatile organic compound determinations. Because of its miscibility with water, this SRM can also be used to fortify aqueous samples with known amounts of the organic compound. This SRM was developed by the NIST Analytical Chemistry Division (ACD) primarily to support the Chemical Calibration Providers of the Proficiency Testing Program with support by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).To see related SRMs, go to:

Table 104.3 Stoichiometry (powder form)
Table 104.5 Spectrometry, Single Element Standard Solutions
Table 104.8 Anion Chromatography (solution form)
Table 201.1 pH Calibration (powder form)

Laboratory Accreditation: NVLAP - National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program

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  SRM Description Unit of Issue    
Detail Certificate MSDS 3074
Now Selling
Phthalates in Methanol 5 x 1.2 mL  
Detail Certificate MSDS 3077
Now Selling
Aroclor 1242 in Transformer Oil 5x1.2 mL  
Detail Certificate MSDS 3079
Now Selling
Aroclor 1254 in Transformer Oil 5x1.2 mL  
Detail Certificate MSDS 3080
Now Selling
Aroclor 1260 in Transformer Oil 5x1.2 mL