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SRM 2037 - Solvent Red 24 Diesel Fuel Dye

Diesel dye, absorbance, red dye, fuel marker, fuel dye

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Description: Solvent Red 24 Diesel Fuel Dye
Lot: N/A
Expiration Date: 10/31/2014
Unit Price * : N/A
Unit of Issue: 100 mg powder
Status: Discontinued - This product is no longer being produced.
Certificate Date:  
MSDS Date:  
Technical Contact: Gary Kramer Email
Additional Information: SRM 2037 has been discontinued.  See Tables 108.5 and 204.1 for related materials. The conversion from SRM 2037 Solvent Red Dye 24 to Solvent Red Dye 26 is provided in the SRM 2037 article (pages 3 & 4) of the June SRM 2005 Spotlight. See certificate in NIST Privacy Statement / Security Notice / Accessibility Statement / Disclaimer / FOIA

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