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SRM 2167 - Low Alloy Steel (chip form)

LA Steel, ferrous metals

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Description: Low Alloy Steel (chip form)
Lot: N/A
Expiration Date:  
Unit Price * : $783.00
Unit of Issue: 150 g
Status: Now Selling
Certificate Date: 10/5/2018
Certificate Revision Date: 05 October 2018 (Title update; editorial changes).
MSDS Date: 10/3/2018
Technical Contact: John Sieber Email
Additional Information: N/A
Shipping Information
Perishable: No
Hazardous Material: No
Material Hazard Class: Not Hazardous to Ship
Measurand Data
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Table 101.3 - Special Low Alloy Steels (chip and pin forms)   Additional Information >>
  Elemental Composition (mass fraction in % unless noted by an asterik * for mg/kg)
  Parameter Value
  Carbon 0.051
  Manganese 0.022
  Phosphorus 0.0031
  Sulfur 0.008731
  Silicon 0.026
  Copper 0.0014
  Nickel 0.002
  Chromium 0.0015
  Vanadium 0.033
  Molybdenum 0.020
  Cobalt 0.0050
  Titanium 0.010
  Arsenic 0.0005
  Tin 0.006
  Aluminum 0.0045
  Niobium 0.0095
  Tantalum 0.002
  Zirconium 0.004
  Boron 9.72*
  Lead <0.0001
  Antimony 0.0020
  Bismuth <0.0001
  Silver 0.0007
  Tellurium 0.0003
  Magnesium <0.0001
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