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SRM 634a - Portland Cement

Portland Cement, cement, loss on ignition, ASTM C114

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Description: Portland Cement
Lot: N/A
Expiration Date: 3/1/2025
Unit Price * : $457.00
Unit of Issue: 100 g
Status: Now Selling
Certificate Date: 4/28/2015
Certificate Revision Date: 28 April 2015 (Revised reference value for LOI Total at 950 °C; added reference values for LOI at additional temperatures; added Appendix A; editorial changes).
MSDS Date: 1/28/2015
Technical Contact: John Sieber Email
Additional Information:
This SRM consists of a bottle containing approximately 100g of ground portland cement.
Shipping Information
Perishable: No
Hazardous Material: No
Material Hazard Class: N/A
Measurand Data
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Table 113.1 - Cements and Related materials (powder form)   Additional Information >>
  Component (mass fraction, in %; unless otherwise noted with *µg/g or **ng/g)
  Parameter Value
  Calcium oxide 65.07
  Sulfur trioxide 2.780
  Magnesium oxide 1.0057
  Strontium oxide 0.0735
  Zinc oxide 0.0222
  Loss on Ignition at 950 °C 1.683
  Silicon dioxide 20.493
  Aluminum oxide 5.015
  Iron oxide 3.362
  Chromium oxide 0.0114
  Potassium oxide 0.3572
  Manganese trioxide 0.0229
  Sodium oxide 0.0842
  Phosphorus pentoxide 0.1767
  Titanium dioxide 0.2463
  Free CaO 1.86
  Insoluble Residue 0.21
  LOI 220 °C to 550 °C 0.749
  LOI 45 °C to 220 °C 0.580
  LOI 550 °C to 950 °C 0.340

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