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SRM 634a - Portland Cement

Portland Cement, cement

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Description: Portland Cement
Lot: N/A
Expiration Date: 3/1/2025
Unit Price * : $240.00
Unit of Issue: 100 g
Status: Now Selling
Certificate Date: 12/5/2014
Certificate Revision Date: 05 December 2014 (Change of expiration date; editorial changes).
MSDS Date: 1/28/2015
Technical Contact: John Sieber Email
Additional Information:
This SRM consists of a bottle containing approximately 100g of ground portland cement.
Shipping Information
Perishable: No
Hazardous Material: No
Material Hazard Class: N/A
Measurand Data
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Table 113.1 - Cements and Related materials (powder form)   Additional Information >>
  Component (mass fraction, in %; unless otherwise noted with *µg/g or **ng/g)
  Parameter Value
  Calcium oxide 65.07
  Sulfur trioxide 2.780
  Magnesium oxide 1.0057
  Strontium oxide 0.0735
  Zinc oxide 0.0222
  Loss on Ignition at 950 °C 1.66
  Silicon dioxide 20.493
  Aluminum oxide 5.015
  Iron oxide 3.362
  Chromium oxide 0.0114
  Potassium oxide 0.3572
  Manganese trioxide 0.0229
  Sodium oxide 0.0842
  Phosphorus pentoxide 0.1767
  Titanium dioxide 0.2463

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